Now you can serve ads through Adblock

Start Fighting Back

Ad blocking will cost publishers more than $20 billion dollars in 2017.

ReviveAds' patent pending technologies are fighting back to preserve publisher revenues.

ReviveAds is a specialized ad network which activates only when adblock is detected.

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What is ad-reinsertion?

"First we detect adblock ... and then we do the impossible."


And this is revenue


Give your readers options

The connections between publishers and readers are important to us

ReviveAds believes in preserving user choice. You don't need to force readers to view ads.

The ReviveAds platform maintains user choice by offering options like premium ad-free or ad-lite experiences.

Customize your advertising and premium-content options to match your audience.
Decide how aggressive your anti-adblock program should be.

Get started in minutes

Setup is fast and simple. Start recovering lost revenue today.

If you can copy and paste a single line of code, you can start recovering adblock revenues on your site today. Contact us today for a consultation.

Worry-free integration

ReviveAds doesn't touch your existing ads

Your existing ad setup isn't affected by ReviveAds. If Adblock isn't detected, ReviveAds stays in the background and does nothing. If Adblock is detected and your ads aren't serving, we serve replacement ads.

Works side-by-side with Adsense

Using Adsense on your site? ReviveAds won't interfere with your Adsense setup. Our replacement ads only appear if adblock has been detected and Adsense has been blocked.

ReviveAds won't affect your page load time

Worried about whether or not ReviveAds will affect your page loading times? Don't be. We do our thing after your pageload has completed, and our servers are blazing fast.

Get started in minutes

Sign up takes seconds.
Start recovering revenue within minutes of installation.

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