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Understanding ReviveAds Settings

Every publisher is different

No two sites are the same. Customizing individual website options is at the core of the ReviveAds philosophy.

We know adblock circumvention is a touchy subject. There's no easy answer.

On one hand it's your website, and it's your intellectual property. You have a right to control the integrity of your published product.

On the other hand, your readership is your most valuable asset. You don't need us to tell you how vital they are.

ReviveAds' custom "Block Ad" options can be customized to meet your website needs, and meet your readership at a less aggressive middle ground.

Our "Block Ad" options

The first thing you'll notice when ReviveAds appear on your website is the red "Block Ad" text above the placement.

When your website visitors click this text, they'll see an options menu.

These drop-down options are configurable by publishers. You can offer your readers the ability to opt-out of specific placements, opt-out of all placements for any number of days, or opt for an 'ad lite' experience.

By customizing your anti-adblock options you can reach a balance with your readership -- and decide exactly how aggressive your ad reinsertion program should be.

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An ad reinsertion case study

In early 2017 one of the most popular image-sharing websites on the web approached ReviveAds. They needed a solution to their growing adblock problem.

Our first step was to measure their adblocking rate. By using our custom analytics, we were able to see they had an adblocking rate of over 30%.

ReviveAds began serving ads to their adblocked traffic within 1 week. The results were nearly immediate.

Prior to serving the campaign, the publisher had expressed concern that ad reinsertion might cause a drop in traffic.

By employing customized "Block Ad" options, the publisher was able to tailor a user-friendly set of options which offered users an "ad lite" experience.

Because of ReviveAds' reader-friendly adblock options traffic-loss was minimal (just under 4%). But revenue gain thanks to ReviveAds was 22% overall.