Got questions?


What is ReviveAds?
ReviveAds is a specialized advertising network which bypasses adblock. When publishers use ReviveAds they can recapture revenue previously lost to adblocking.

Are there any requirements for publishers who wish to join ReviveAds?
For new publishers, we typically have a minimum monthly traffic requirement of 100k unique visitors per month. But we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Will this interfere with my current advertisers?
Not at all. ReviveAds serves ads only to adblocked traffic. If a user isn't using an adblocker, they will continue to see your original ads. Only in the event that your original ads are blocked does ReviveAds spring into action and serve replacements ads -- preserving your revenues. Think of us as a backup system in the event of adblocking.

Are there any setup costs involved to get started with ReviveAds?
It depends. For sites with traffic under 500k visits per month, we charge a one time $100 setup fee to cover the setup costs and scripting. For sites with over 500k visits per month, there is no fee for setup.

Does ReviveAds advertising bypass all ad blockers?
The adblock playing field is constantly changing. ReviveAds is an actively managed solution. We are constantly tweaking our technology to bypass the latest filters. That having been said, we shoot for the fattest segments of the adblocking universe. If a lesser known adblocker blocks ReviveAds we may ignore it if it has minimum market penetration.

How much revenue will I recover with ReviveAds?
This all depends on how serious your adblocking problem is. Typically sites with a younger male demographic (including video game, music and some technology sites) have a more serious adblocking rate. Some major video game sites report adblock rates of over 50%.

What happens if adblockers update their filters and ReviveAds gets blocked?
This can happen. No solution is 100% fullproof. ReviveAds is actively managed. We monitor all publishers closely to make sure ad flow isn't interrupted. If an interruption occurs, we immediately rework our solution to ensure minimum interruption. This is a cat and mouse game. In the event ReviveAds gets filtered, it won't be filtered for long.

Does ReviveAds bypass mobile adblockers as well?
Yes. ReviveAds bypasses both mobile and desktop adblockers.

What's involved in the setup process?
Setup is simple. After applying to join ReviveAds, you will be sent a code snippet. This code snippet gets copied and pasted to the footer of your page. The whole process typically takes a matter of minutes.